Badges & rewards will be awarded at a later date. You can still earn your badges as normal - we will be tracking your progress on any perks that you earn, but they will be added to your account at a later date. Thanks for your patience, more information coming soon.

Badges & Rewards

Earn Yummit loayalty discounts, badges & rewards.
  • Earlybird The Earlybird badge is awarded to anyone who joins Yummit before in the first 6 months. A 10% discount coupon will be awarded, plus exciting future rewards.
    + 1 CouponEarlybird deals
  • Ambassador Invite a friend so that you and your friend can both receive a 10% discount coupon when they successfully sign up. Save money on food by inviting your friends.
    +1 Coupon Each
  • Superstar Help Yummit to grow, and get rewarded. Successfully invite 10 friends or more you'll earn superstar status giving you access to exclusive rewards and offers.
    +5 CouponsSuperstar deals
  • Supercook Cooks that go above and beyond in the Yummit community will receive special Supercook badges. Recognition for going that extra mile.
    +Unique Rewards +Supercook Deals
  • Free Meal Earn free food just by ordering. Grab 5 meals and get up to £5 to spend on your next meal with us. Once you've earned your reward, we start counting again.
    +1 Free Meal
  • Yummit Partner When you invite anyone to Yummit you'll automatically earn £1 for every £10 they spend or earn on the marketplace in their first year. It couldn't be easier.
    £1 when your friend spends £10
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