Takeaways re-invented.
Homecooked meals on demand

A new kind of takeaway coming soon. Proper food for pickup or delivery.
Make money selling homecooked food from your own kitchen

Yummit allows you to run your own takeaway from your kitchen. If you’ve got a passion for cooking, and a kitchen, you’ve now got your very own food business. You decide your own menu, your prices and your schedule. Start selling for free. We only take a small cut once you start making sales.

A marketplace for homecooked meals. The alternative to takeaways

Finally a new kind of takeaway. Order proper home-cooked meals prepared by amazing home cooks and amateur chefs across the globe. Local delicacies, and family recipes cooked up fresh and ready to eat. Order on demand, then arrange pickup or delivery just like a normal takeaway.

On demand, or order for later

You'll be able to see food that is cooking right now, and ready to order in an instant. Or you can place an order in advance when possible. Fresh meals are available locally, but anything that can be stored and shipped, like cakes, could be available nationwide too.

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Explore exciting dishes from talented local cooks and chefs

We all know that someone who brings perfectly baked cakes into the office every time, or serves up the juciest steaks at a dinner party, or some that has one dish they are famous for! Yummit brings all of these super cooks into the spotlight, helping them provide exciting, home cooked food, to an audience of hungry locals, tourists and food lovers worldwide.

Prepared at home by real cooks

We believe the very best food is being cooked up in home kitchens all across the globe. Yummit aims to bring this food to the public, by allowing you to order food, snacks, desserts and drinks direct from homes all across the globe.

Browse local homecooked meals prepared by talented home cooks near you. Place your order & the home cook begins preparing your meal at their home, then simply arrange pickup or delivery.

Invite your friends and earn rewards

To help grow our community we reward you for inviting your friends. Earn discounts & badges, and even earn cash if you invite your friend to cook. As they earn, you earn too. Let's get cooking together. See rewards.

Photos of every meal, cook and kitchen in the marketplace

The world of takeaways can be full of surprises, so we are doing things different. You'll be able to see photos of every meal, every cook and every kitchen on Yummit. No more guessing what a dish looks like, or where it's cooked. It's time for a new kind of takeaway experience.

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  • Food Safetycheck_circle All cooks will comply with local food business laws and best practices and inspections to ensure safe cooking.
  • Secure Paymentshttps Payments are secured and handled via Stripe. Whatever happens, you only pay when you receive your meal.
  • Photos of Every Mealcamera_alt You’ll be able to see inside the kitchen for every meal you purchase, as well as multiple photos of the food.
  • Order on Demandnotifications_active See what's cooking right now in your local area, and grab it instantly. Or arrange a time that suits you.
  • Ratings & Feedbackstars As the community grows, valuable meal and cook ratings will help keep food quality at a high level.
  • Invite your friends and earnaccount_box Who’s the talented cook in your family or friend group? Invite them to Yummit and earn money when they do.
Finally an alternative to takeaways. Order fresh homecooked meals prepared by talented locals.
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